Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Thank you, Michael's

A couple of months ago I e-mailed Michael's because I was totally fed up with having to print pages of coupons when I only needed one or two AND with each coupon having a huge black bar across the top that required a ton of toner.  Lo and behold, this past week when I was ready to print my coupons, there was an option to select only the ones I wanted to print, and there was no black bar on any of them.  They actually listened!  I'm sure I'm not the only one who brought this up and maybe they've been working on a better system for a while, but it made me happy anyway.  Thanks, Michael's! 

To celebrate, I bought a pile of stuff today, including several fun things from the clearance bins.  LOVE the clearance bins.  Here are a few of my purchases.  I also bought some Glitter Mod Podge which I just discovered in a class last week.  LOVE it.  So fun.


  1. Wow - how awesome! I am so impressed that Michael's listened! Wow, you treated yourself to a Somerset! How fun!

  2. wow . i just got that somerset too and am luving it

  3. Good for you! Now if they would just listen to my pleas for more cashiers!