Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Craft Days

I am so very late posting about some recent craft days.  On March 19, Leann, Debbie and Jeanne came over to make "bird bowls" from Anna Corba's Vintage Paper Crafts book.  We had a great time visiting and crafting.  They all took home cute wooden bowls, not quite finished but close.  Unfortunately, I didn't get a photo while they were here but maybe I can get them to send me some. Ladies?

I only had one wooden bowl with painted flowers and we all deemed it too cute to decoupage over, so I did a tray.  It's still not finished (imagine that) but here's a preview shot.  I just need to find some jute trim (that I know I have stashed somewhere) to go around the edge to add interest - and to cover my messy painting.
On March 27, Chris and Kerry came over for a craft day.  I did a tutorial on the burnt-edge or singed flowers.  Kerry did a tutorial earlier this year on the Tim Holtz-style paper roses and Tim Holtz Fragments, and Chris will be showing us applique-making on the Cricut next month.  While they were here, we also made ribbon roses and decoupaged birds similar to the one on Sue's blog. 

As part of our craft days, we decided to do mini-swaps. Our first was a destash exchange - what's old to one is new to another, right?  This time we made cloth collages.  Kerry's (with the spot of blue) and Chris's are both amazing. They both have a great sense of style and are very imaginative.
I enjoyed putting mine together and was inspired by the collage I received from Jamie to use a napkin as the base.  They were supposed to be 5" x 7" but I cheated and made them bigger in order to use the napkins.  I was also supposed to make one for myself but haven't done that yet. 

I'm loving craft days.  It's wonderful to hear about what everyone else has been working on and to see how each person interprets a project or idea.  I LOVE my artsy crafty friends!

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  1. I especially love the tray! Crafty friends are THE BEST!