Thursday, July 14, 2011

I visited the wonderful Heather Ales' blog last night and spotted a list of prompts she got from Melissa's blog - kind of a way to get better acquainted.  Heather asked others to include their answers and post so I am, and I hope you will, too!

Right now, I’m:

Wearing ~ blue bird-print cotton knit pjs.

Drinking ~ 1/2 water and 1/2 Red Diamond tea with Splenda

Listening To ~ Robert Plant and Alison Krauss, and a snoring Basset Hound
Wondering ~ if I'll sleep tonight. Although I'm a night owl, I do get really sleepy around 2 or 3am, but lately as soon as I lay down and turn out the light, my eyes pop open.

Thinking ~ about a small business seminar I attended yesterday.

Feeling ~ extremely lucky to be able to stay home for a while.

Wishing ~ everyone would treat others as they'd like to be treated.

Hoping ~ for world peace, still.

Planning on ~ working today on a photo album for my father-in-law's 91st birthday. It will include pics from his 90th birthday celebration last July in southeastern Oklahoma. Hope he likes it!

Aggravated by ~ the budget crisis.  Is getting your way really worth causing workers who helped make the wealthy wealthy and who keep this country running to lose benefits that will make a huge difference in whether they can afford health care and a decent existence in their later years?

Most passionate about ~ creating - paper art, sewing, jewelry making and anything else I'm able to learn.

Wanting ~ to be in better physical shape. I am NOT an exerciser by nature and most of my pursuits are sedentary.

Dreaming Of ~ attending another arts event. Silver Bella last year was my first, and I loved everything about it.

Wishing I was ~ able to buy my hubby a hot rod - already restored. Hmm. Maybe if I wasn't doing that "staying at home" thing. Ya think?

Wanting to be ~ more involved in the world and not the introvert I am.

Needing ~ to work on my house and yard instead of art.

Trying to ~ figure out how to start a home business.

Wanting to try ~ so many things!

Most thankful for ~ My family and friends - both two- and four-leggers.

Giving up on ~ being thin.  When I was, I thought I wasn't. Little did I know!


  1. Oh ~ I like that! How nice to get to know you a little better. :)

  2. I loved reading your answers...and seeing your bird tags....(hope I get one)....and knowing how passionate you are about being an artist....loved that you did the mini books by Michelle Gellar.....LoVE...LoVE.....LOVE....her...and can't wait to see the gorgeous photo album for your father in law....he's going to love it!