Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Craft Day

Kerry, Chris and I met one day last week to work on our version of Lisa Kaus' "Playground Found" project as featured in Volume 4 of Stampington's artists' cafe.  We all had classes with Lisa at Silver Bella last year, so were excited to work on another "Lisa" project.  For this one, you start with a 10" x 20" board, create a grid, and attach random items.  Chris had done her homework beforehand and was able to finish hers in the time we had, and Kerry finished hers that evening. 
Chris' Fly

Kerry's etcetera
It took me a few extra days as I kept placing and re-placing items, and had to search for a couple of things I wanted to include.  I still need to find a few old nails for the door handle and plan to get some sea grass for the bottle the next time we're at the beach.
Each board reflects the artist's personality.  That said, I'd happily hang any of them on my wall!  Love, love, love!

Another part of our day was a She Art canvas swap.  We all took Christy Tomlinson's on-line "She Art" course earlier this year, and Chris is currently in the "She Had Three Hearts" journal workshop.  She made this canvas for me:
Don't you love the texture of the sand and the glittery top?  So cute!

Kerry's canvas was made for Chris.  Love it!
and I made this canvas for Kerry:
I'm still working on being a little more "loose" and not so literal in my She Art, but I do love the background and colors.  Kerry seemed pleased, and that's what counts!

I SO enjoy these craft days with friends.  They give me so much inspiration, and I always look forward to the next one.


  1. man i need a craft day like that... i just loved lisas class at bella

  2. Jealous!!!!! I want to have a crafty day with you!! I LOVED LOVED LOVED Lisa's class and I adore the grid I made in it -- it hangs in my downstairs bathroom and makes me happy every time I see it. But yours, my dear, blows it away. LOVE IT!!!! I want to make another one, too!!!!! I even bought some of those crayons -- not the exact brand she had because I couldn't find them -- but I am dying to do another one. Right after I finish my necklace I mentioned below... :)

  3. fun....i wished i had taken Lisa's class. you inspire me.

  4. Hi Terri--
    Love your "Lisa Kaus" inspired piece and your "She" art!! I'm so excited to be partnered with you in the Handmade Halloween swap!! And I'm your newest follower!

  5. Your projects came out beautiful! Love what all of you did...Miss you guys. I want to see you soon.