Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Estate Sale

A few weekends ago the DH decided on Friday evening that he was tired of staying close to home and wanted to take a drive on Saturday (in spite of the 100+ degree heat) to a town we'd been wanting to visit for a while.  I checked to see if there were any antique and/or junk stores listed and, on a whim, looked for estate sales.  That was all it took to get me travel-ready.  There was a sale that weekend with tons of vintage goodies - costume jewelry, clothing, shoes, purses, hats, oh my - and everything was half price on Saturday!
I saw this suit and velvet dress on the auction web site Friday night and was fairly certain they'd be gone by the time we got there, but they were still hanging in the closet.  I love the color and the collar of the suit. The skirt has some issues, but the jacket is wonderful. The green velvet and the trim on the dress are yummy.  They don't fit me at all so I'll probably put them in my Etsy shop if I'm ever able to navigate all the requirements of properly setting up a business. 

I love this spring green coat and it fits, but it deserves to be worn by someone taller and thinner. I'm not sure yet whether I'll keep it or sell it.
There were bags of jewelry for less than $2 a bag.
 The only hat left was this cream wool felt number, but the rhinestone band made it a great find, along with a pair of elbow-length grayish-purple gloves with the tag still attached, a hat box, and a little tote bag with cute sequin flowers.
There were tons of linens and a few vintage aprons.  The linens below are only part of what I bought.

I also got a big box of wrapping paper and tags from the 50s, 60s and 70s.  There are a few tags and stickers that are old and glittery and fabulous.
Had to have these little ornaments, even though I have lots already.   The wedding cake topper will most likely be transformed into Valentine's Day decor.
Neither of the antique stores was open so we stopped at one thrift store where I found a big ledger book (no writing in it, unfortunately) and a crochet book mark.  Then we took the back roads home and stopped at a wonderfully junquey antique store in a very small town, where I found several crochet hearts and lots of old Bingo cards and game pieces.
I was glad we braved the heat.  These finds were well worth a little misery! 


  1. Such fun and neat stuff! I love a good estate sale.

  2. Wow, what a score! Seeing this post is making me feel like it's time to hit some sales again.

  3. WOW! Score on that light blue suit with the fur collar, and those game cards in the corner with the fantastic numbers! I love that wedding cake topper, too -- I've been searching for one so I can make a wedding cake out of hat boxes and lace, like the one Suzanne Duda made and showed on her blog recently! Ideally, I'd like to get one with a man and a woman, which I used to see all the time but haven't seen lately. You guys did great with your treasure hunting!

  4. Wowza! You made some great scores! Love those crochet potholders and embroidered pillowcases. Both are thing I cannot resist. Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

  5. Wow! I wish I could have gone to that estate sale with you, you found so much fun stuff!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my little trash-to-treasure chair!