Saturday, February 25, 2012

Available - Handsome Guy with a Great Sense of Humor

Meet Jake.  We're fostering him for Forever Yours Rescue in Oklahoma City.  He's been here about three months now and we're becoming too attached, but he is a very active boy and deserves a family that will give him more exercise than two late middle agers and two Basset Hounds can offer.  He's allegedly part Basset Hound, but he seems to be much more of a Retriever.

Jake is very entertaining.  The first week he was here he climbed to the top of a six-foot shrub - I could kick myself for not having a camera handy.  He has an Elvis grin that is adorable, loves to chase birds (the ones in our yard don't seem to mind), and LOVES to run.  If you're a walker or runner, he'd be only too happy to accompany you on a daily basis.
Jake is about two years old, about 55-60 lbs., housebroken, neutered, heartworm negative, and doesn't shed much.  He's loving, gets along very well with other dogs (don't know about cats), and is sweet and comical.  He can jump and climb, so a six-foot privacy fence is essential, and he must be an indoor-outdoor dog as he loves to spend time with people as well as romp outside.

If you need a cute and friendly dog that will make you laugh, check out his Petfinder listing here.  But hurry. If he stays much longer, we're going to be too attached to let him go!


  1. How cute is that face! I love that you are fostering that precious boy - how lucky is he...xoxo

  2. I can see that h'll be hard to let go! What a charmer!

    Thanks so much for offering to be a birdsong sponsor. The ladies will love your gifts.