Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hope you're having a wonderful Valentine's Day!  My Valentine brought me a bouquet last night so I thought I would share it with you.
He told me he picked the bouquet with the bright orange Shasta daisies because they caught his eye, just like I did over 26 years ago!  Isn't he sweet?
Hearts aren't just for Valentine's Day, but it's a great time to feature a couple.  I added a few more embellishments to the heart I made at French General with Pam Garrison and Charlotte Lyons.  I did a basic running stitch around the edge using metallic thread from FG and added a hanging ribbon and a couple of green velvet flowers.  Don't you love the edge?  Someone at the class had scalloped fabric shears, like pinking shears only scalloped.  Now I desperately want some but have learned that Fiskars stopped making them a year or so ago. 
I love my FG heart!  This one will be staying with me, as will all the things made on that trip, but I couldn't resist making another heart.  I just listed this one on Etsy and will be making more for the Pistol Annie's show in April.


  1. Happy Valentine's Day sweet friend!

  2. What a beautiful bouqet, and hearts! Soooooo pretty!!! I sure do miss you! I think of you every time I am in my Glitter Lounge...I see that adorable hat that you gave me at SB and I just LOVE it! Hope all is well in your world! XOXOXO

  3. Oh my! Your hearts are fabulous! I love the colors and especially that wonderful edge! I too love French General. I have only been there once and I spent a million dollars! Lol!!!
    Lucky you to get to have a class there!

  4. Oh I love your heart! Such gorgeous colors!

  5. You did an awesome job on your hearts! I so wanted to attend the French General but I will live it through you! Thanks for sharing!