Thursday, May 10, 2012

Happy Birthday, Mom!

My beautiful mother celebrated her 80th birthday on April 29.  You'd never guess it to look at her, and sadly, I didn't even get a birthday pic, but you can see her here with my dad on his birthday last October.  She's one of the kindest, most generous people I know, as well as funny, talented and BUSY. 

Mother has a thing for roosters so I made her this little 6x6 canvas, based on a card I saw on the Cherries Jubilee blog quite some time ago.  I knew it would be perfect for her.
I love the way it turned out, and she seemed to like it, too.  The rooster is from a vintage nursury rhyme book, the doily is from the 50s, and I made the flower from an old hat.  I'm not sure what that doodad is on top, but I liked the look of it.  The pointy top comes off and there's a small space inside. 

Here's the original Cherries Jubilee card photo from her blog.  So cute!

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  1. 80 is definitely something to crow about! I love the card you made!