Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Helpers

Our dogs love to be outside, and they love for me to be there, too.  As we were hanging out the other day, I decided I needed a photo of my old Voss galvanized tub, just because it looked cool.  I bought this at a swap meet for vintage car parts. I think it was used to clean parts in a repair shop, but I use it as a planter.  Anyway, I got the camera and got down on the ground to get a better shot, and one of my "helpers" magically appeared to make sure the photo was extra special.
Not only did Jake pose, he grabbed a daylily leaf so he'd look especially cute.  Henry was just bored with the whole process.
And where was Georgia?  Asleep in the house, as usual. She sleeps under the covers, so no photo available.  Maybe the next time.


  1. How cute! Your little helpers...

  2. Too sweet! I love how he grabbed hold of the leaf!! I just bathed my doggies outside this afternoon...they love it when I go outside and read on the patio, so I am trying hard to accommodate them these days! I hope you will be here to join me at that, soon!