Monday, May 21, 2012

Optimal Floral Viewing

My bestie Lucy and I like to drive around seeking "optimal floral viewing."  I have a Pinterest board by that name, too.  Here's a bit of optimal floral viewing for you from my back yard.

I had hoped to have pics of my mom's beautiful hydrangeas, but I was using my iPhone and, being me, I took video instead of pics.  Maybe later!


  1. Gorgeous! Hee hee, I had to giggle because I do the video thing ALL the time!!

  2. Beautiful roses. What are the pink flowers in the last photo? I have never seen one like that before. The leaves look like little lily pads!

  3. Oh my gosh - those roses are beautiful! I have some in my back yard and the fragrance is beyond amazing! Please, please, please show those hydrangeas - I love them so much - they remind me of the East coast where they bloom so beautifully.