Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Estate Sale Finds

In looking back at my blog, I realize I haven't posted about any finds recently.  We haven't found many good estate sales the last few months, and some of the things I've found went straight to my Etsy shop and right back out again - a good thing.  I did find a few things this past weekend, and still have some things on hand from earlier this month. 

This past weekend I bought this HUGE lampshade for my friend Kerry, who is planning a mobile for her baby's nursery.  She hasn't seen this in person yet.  At over 20" high, it may be too big.  Maybe she could put the baby IN it.

I also got a small lamp shade that wasn't nice enough to use but did yield this lovely trim.  I bought another one a couple of weeks ago, but the trim from that one has already vanished into the black hole that is my craft room.
I think I'm going to keep these prints, although I'm not sure yet where they'll hang.  I love the gray-blue frames and backgrounds.
I love all these vintage photos.  One of the smaller ones has been hand-tinted.  I can never resist bird linens, and even though I have hundreds of  hankies (yes, it's true) I can never pass up a pretty one at a good price.  I'm particularly fond of the one with the embroidered T.  The ballet lamps will be reworked and listed on Etsy soon. I'll also be listing the beaded collars.
A few weeks ago I found a sale where they claimed that Grandma didn't save old things, but after digging through a couple of piles, I found boxes of vintage Shiny Brites and a set of Christmas village ornaments (minus one, but oh, did I ever dig to try to find that missing one!)  At another sale I found a couple of boxes of vintage American Legion Christmas cards, unused and in perfect condition.  I'm ready to list holiday goodies!  Christmas in July, anyone?
The DH talked me into a mink stole at one sale.  I was hesitant because of the price - very reasonable but more than I wanted to be out if it doesn't sell.  It's listed on Etsy and has generated some interest, so we'll see.

That's all for now!  Thanks for reading! 


  1. Hi Terri... I luv the lamps....ill have to keep an eye out in your shop.hugs

  2. Hi Terri,
    It looks to me as though you SEEK and FIND. Great treasures!
    So nice to meet you and looking forward to our UNbirthday swap.
    enJOY a lovely weekend,

  3. Oh, you have found some great stuff! I can never resist bird linens, either! That was an awesome shaped lampshade!!