Thursday, June 7, 2012

A Couple of Classes

OKC's Paper Crown offers so many great classes. Unfortunately, I've missed out on quite a few lately because of scheduling and other issues, but I was very pleased to have classes with Jackie and Medeah recently.

Jackie taught a dress banner class - darling as usual, with the cutest name tags and delicious treats.  I didn't get a good shot of the entire banner together and have already given it to a friend, but here are the five little dresses.

Medeah's canvas class was called Brave Bird. Like so many people, I'm very into birds right now and also the ocean/beach vibe, so this was perfect.  It was a small class and we had a wonderful time and learned a few new techniques.

It looks nice on our newly-painted blue walls - more on that later.


  1. Love your creations! Oh, the time to take classes, you lucky ducky!

  2. Both of those are so cute! I wanted to take the dress banner class but I had a conflict that day. :(
    I did take Jackie's firecracker class and her July canvas class the other night. FUN!
    One of these days we will see each other at the Paper Crown!

  3. Wow, I definitely want to plan my next trip to OKC around a Paper Crown class! Both of those projects are very cute, but I especially like the bird one!