Thursday, June 28, 2012

Latest Edition - Terry/Terri Swap

After a few delays due to Terry's busy life and my procrastination, we've recently completed our latest swap.  We didn't decide in advance on a theme.  I went with Paris because she and her sweet husband went there for their 10th Anniversary earlier this year.  She chose a pink theme for me, which was perfect as I've been into all things pink lately (and I hadn't even told her!)

Just after her trip she sent me the cutest tote bag from Paris, adorned by a sweet little pink pig, along with some lovely French candy.  Ooh la la!  Then this month she sent me a beautiful canvas she created in a Julie Nutting class.  It's lovely.  She says it's me.  I say, "In my dreams!"
She also sent this lovely vintage lingerie box, which is in pristine condition.  It was packed full of  the most beautiful pink trims, blingy buttons, velvet ribbon, silk-covered snaps and other treasures.  I especially love the vintage pin cushion, crocheted, woven with ribbon and topped with a tiny rosebud.


Don't you love every little thing?  Each one is more lovely than the last.  I have several ideas for all trims and buttons, and that little bar of soap is making my craft room smell wonderful!

Terry had posted a photo on Facebook that was taken from the window of their Paris hotel room.  I used that photo to make a little canvas and matching tag for her.
I found some Paris-related ads and images in some old magazines and used those plus a lot of other ephemera and images from The Graphics Fairy to make her a little book. I tried to leave a few spaces so she could add some things from her trip.

I rounded up a few little goodies to include, either Paris-related or her favorite colors - black, cream and white.

We haven't decided yet on our next swap date, but I'm working on some ideas!  I'll bet she is, too!

Oops! Almost forgot.  I also sent Terry this dress form I bought and "foofed" up a bit with some lace and a glass finial. The starfish and driftwood have nothing to do with the dress form. It was just the best spot to take a quick pic!


  1. What a beautiful swap! I agree that little pink puncushion is just gorgeous.

  2. Oh my gosh - awesome!!! How fun. Can't wait to see what you come up with next. :)

  3. what a fabulous swap.... you ladies have great stash..

  4. Wow -- you guys sure spoiled each other! I love all the pink-ness you received and your canvas for her was just a dream, as were all the gifts!! So personal and special!

  5. I LOVE all the wonderful things you sent and made, you are the sweetest swap friend and I am soooo lucky. I took a class in Coronado a few weeks ago and I want to finish them up, because I had you in mind when I was making them, I think you will like them. I've just finished putting my studio back together, so hopefully I can send to you soon! All my love....Terry