Tuesday, November 20, 2012


I planned to skip the estate sales and stay home last Friday to work on my Etsy shop and prepare for Thanksgiving. Apparently my resolve wasn't strong because I couldn't resist checking Craigslist. There was a sale listed with a photo showing a table full of vintage Christmas lights, ornaments, and other goodies, so off I went. It was only 30 miles away - only.

I'll share more later - I bought quite a bit on Friday and the DH and I went back on Saturday - but for now I wanted to share the buttons. There was an old Tupperware canister about three-quarters full of buttons, but it was priced higher than I'd ever paid for a jar of buttons.  I could see a few in the container that were vintage, so I asked and got the lot for almost half price.  There were quite a few basic shirt buttons and newer buttons, and lots of those little envelopes and plastic bags that come attached to clothing and contain the extra buttons. When I started going through the jar, there was so much more than I had thought. Most of these were hidden by all those other things.

Aren't all the colors wonderful?  These are all high quality buttons, and probably from the 1950s to 1970s. The woman who had lived in the home was a seamstress, and had nice fabrics and trims also.

I'm sure I'll be listing some of the buttons on Etsy as I can't keep all of them - I already have about ten jars - but I plan to keep some and gift some. 

Leslie, if you see this, thank you again!  You put on a great first sale, and were working hard for the person who hired you, but also to make it a good sale for the shoppers.

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  1. OMG Terri I love them all..you are better than me since i hoard all my vintage buttons except in swaps... I SOOO need to go where you live since here the estate sales have dried up