Wednesday, November 14, 2012

For the Love of Horses

My wonderful friend Terry LOVES horses.  She even had an opportunity to spend a week in France with daily horseback riding sessions, so when I spotted a vintage hankie appliqued with a beautiful horse head I immediately snatched it up with her in mind.  At first I intended to just give her the hankie, but hankies tend to get placed in a drawer and are seldom displayed (I know this from personal experience, of course!), so I tried to think of something else.  After the Creative Wings prize ribbon swap (see here and here) I knew just what I wanted to do.  I found some nice blue ribbon and other bits of trim, and came up with something I thought she might be happy to display in her studio.
The detail of the applique is rather amazing.
This blue isn't a color I create with often (strange, because blue is my favorite) so while I had things out, I made Terry a couple of tags with some vintage photos and wallpaper, and added a tag with some vintage trim I found recently.  Sorry for the poor quality photo. I finished up late one night and wanted to get it packed up to mail the next morning.
All of this was sent as her birthday gift (late, as usual.)  She received it today - and loves it - so it's safe to show.

I'll have a swap to share soon, and more estate sale finds.


  1. oh that is very pretty terri..i love the wallpapers u used for the tags...and of course the millinery is dreamy...

  2. I LOVE IT! And I cannot believe you made it for me. I've decided to hang it in my studio for everyone to so it!! And that tags are lovely too! I am so lucky to have you as my friend. xoxoxo

  3. How lovely -- I adore that horse! What a prize! Blue and white is one of my favorite colors combos, too. Soothing.

  4. Oh, I can imagine she was just thrilled with these beautiful gifts. Well done!