Friday, November 9, 2012

Gotta Love Fall, Ya'll!

Fall is my favorite season, by far, and this one has been particularly nice. I love the leaves, the pumpkins, even the outdated country-style wreath on our porch. I love that the dogs get frisky, and the geese are honking overhead.

We've had lots of beautiful warm days with bright blue skies, and evenings just cool enough to let you know winter is most likely on the way. It's usually much cooler here by November, but it could stay this way year round and I'd be happy.
Our Bradford Pear tree was damaged during an ice storm several years ago, but it's still hanging in there and putting on a show every fall.
I've had the windows open and music playing, and there has been crafting going on.  I'll have a few things to show, as soon as they reach their intended recipients.

Hope you're having a beautiful fall wherever you are!


  1. i cant wait to see everything you create...

  2. Our bradford pears are a roit of color right now too. Absoulutly beautiful!

  3. Oh, you're so cheerful -- I love it! We've had a pretty Fall too. Then, today, the weather took a turn for the cold.