Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Christmas is past but I wanted to share a few pics of some gifts I sent out that I thought others might enjoy seeing.
One dear friend collects these antique photo albums. This one was a bit damaged, but the embossed velvet cover and brass clasp were so lovely that I had to send it to her. I added the vintage lace and millinery band for fun.
There were several photos in the album, including these two.

Most of the other photos were of men, but the backs were printed with ornate and lovely advertisements for the photographers. I do regret that I didn't take pics of any of those!

I sent a few things to another friend in this cute little reusable cloth bag. I've saved the bag for several years, waiting for the perfect recipient. 
Several small items were packed into this vintage card box, ideal for holiday gifting.
One of the items sent was this little stocking I made from a vintage quilt and doily.  It was made especially for her as she loves bird-themed creations.
There's been quite a bit of time to create over the last couple of weeks but it's been so cold that I've mostly just snuggled in to read and catch up on DVR'd TV shows and movies.  Hopefully we'll get a few warm sunny days soon to spark my creativity.

I've yet to get photos of my new craft space, but plan to do that as soon as the weather cooperates and I find just the right spot for a few more things!


  1. All are lovely, but I particularly love the little stocking.


  2. wow I love that altered velvet album. I have a special place in my hoarding heart for those. You are such a generous lady. happy new year .big hugs

    1. My friends have all been incredibly generous with me (you included!) and it's such fun to gift those who appreciate the same things I do! : )

  3. Such wonderful gifts! What a thoughtful giver you are. I certainly love my treasures from you! I sure do feel more creative when it is sunny & looking ahead....we have nothing but cold....COLD....COLD!

  4. Oh I was the lucky recipient of one of those amazing gifts...and I love it and am getting ready to gush all about it on my own blog, too! You have an incredible eye and you are so talented, Terri. I am so glad we met at Silver Bella -- some of the most beautiful people I know are Bellas and I'm so proud to call them friends!