Monday, December 16, 2013

More Christmas Tags

Inspired by Lorraine at Over The Rainebeau, I used some paper I'd been hoarding to make a couple of tags.
They're mostly just cut and paste, but I did use a bit of Diamond Glaze to highlight a few areas. The lace is from an estate sale. One of the tags is hanging on a dresser knob in my entryway, and the other will be going to a friend later this week.

Happy Christmas creating to everyone!


  1. Nothing wrong with cut and paste, they turned out beautiful! I like "all is bright".

  2. I love that pattern of paper and the colors (you know I do!) Sweetness!

  3. I like your tags very much
    seen your comment on laurie blog about the swap
    I missed out

  4. Your tags are so pretty, but they make me feel guilty. I only made a few tags this year and actually bought most of my tags.