Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Couple of Birdsong Bits

At Birdsong in June I won a lovely door prize and realized I didn't include it in any of my earlier posts. Karen Hillman of Ancient Queen Designs handmade these beautiful candles with matching glass trays. They smell wonderful! Karen suggested burning them down a bit and then placing battery operated tea lights inside.

The candles were packaged in a lovely matching box. Thank you, Karen!

The night before Birdsong started, Karla's friend Angie opened her antique store, My Father's Daughter, for our group in honor of her birthday. There was food and fun, including an opportunity to make a little art. Beth Leintz of Gathering Dust brought tons of amazing supplies and we made collages on old file dividers.

I may add a few millinery flowers to mine. I'm still studying it. I would never have thought to use these dividers in this way, but they make a sturdy background and the metal tabs add lots of interest. Thanks, Beth and Angie!


  1. The candles are beautiful and what a great idea to just burn them down a little so the battery ones fit inside.

  2. I've always liked the idea of collaging file folders. This is lovely.