Saturday, January 3, 2015

Etsy Stats

This post may not interest anyone at all, but for those who hate statistics I've included photos of a few of my favorite Etsy sales from the past year to add some fun.

Vintage Beaded Sweater

My Etsy shop is something I started after I retired as a way to possibly make a bit of extra cash for art supplies and classes and as a way to spread the wealth - so to speak - from the estate sale shopping I love so much. I do make some effort to promote my shop but not in a big way and haven't paid a lot of attention to demographics (bad shop owner!)

Vintage Nightgowns
I truly DO appreciate all my customers, and while I was doing some year-end paperwork I decided to really look at where they're from. I already knew that California is by far my best source for customers in the US (89 orders since I opened my shop) and that Australia is my best international market (9 orders.) I hoped that I'd had customers in every state, but not quite - vintage lovers in Connecticut, Vermont and Wyoming haven't found me yet. Ditto for DC.

Vintage Ribbon with Metal Dispenser

Florida and Washington each represent 21 orders, and there have been 20 from Texas, 19 from Michigan, 17 from New York and 16 from Illinois.

Vintage Millinery

There have been 13 orders each from Ohio and Pennsylvania, and 12 from Oregon. I've had 12 on-line sales in Oklahoma, but many more at the two Glitter Markets here in Oklahoma City last year and a few at a two-day antique and vintage show in 2013. 

Vintage Pendleton 49er

I've had five orders from Canada, four from the UK, and one each from Germany, New Zealand, Norway, Japan and Italy. I don't usually list international shipping rates in my shop, so I'm thrilled when people like my items enough to contact me for international shipping.

Vintage Glass Ornaments

I won't list all the states where I've had fewer than twelve customers, although they're certainly as important to me as all the others. 

If you've been a customer, thank you very much. And if you've made it this far, I appreciate your indulging my statistical curiosity and thank you for taking the time to read my blog. 

Last, but certainly one of my best sellers - vintage lace!
I'll be showing off my mannequin's new attire in my next post. She's gone from "girls just want to have fun" to Southern Belle.


  1. Yours sound similar to mine. I've let my shop decline the last couple of years, but when I worked it, California was always my top market too. And lots went out to Australia.

  2. And Canada purchased from you in person!! *wink*
    Love your goods.
    Happy new Etsy year!

  3. I actually love statistics and like thinking about the whys.

    Why do you think so many come from California? As a Californian, I have my ideas, but I will wait to hear from you before I share my thoughts.

  4. Good for you Teri! Bravo to you and continued success in the new year!

  5. I am totally impressed with the stats. I read the entire post and went to your Etsy shop to see when you opened and how many total sale you've had. I'm even more impressed with all you have done. Excellent job!

  6. I love hearing the stats and show look at mine that way, too. Did you find some way to download it from Etsy or just crunched the numbers yourself?

  7. You've made me really curious about where most of my orders go, too. I'm going to guess Texas and Arizona, but I might just be thinking about my last few orders...I almost never ship internationally since the rates went sky high- which is kind of sad, because it means I don't buy internationally either!