Saturday, January 24, 2015

New Girl in Town

Last Thursday I went to an estate sale where I asked the sales clerk if it would be possible to just transport an entire room to my house. The homeowner had been a seamstress, and there were bins and bins of mostly vintage lace (not antique, but 60s to 80s vintage) patterns, notions, buttons, and two dress forms. I wanted both dress forms, but didn't need them and didn't really have room for them. I decided to leave them, even though the prices were reasonable. 

On Saturday - half price day - the pull of vintage trim was too great, so back I went. Both dress forms were still there, and I just couldn't leave without the better one. 
She doesn't have a name yet. Her foam is showing a bit at the bottom but I plan to put a fun dress or skirt on her so that won't matter. I like that her proportions are more generous than my mannequin. Apparently the previous owner had to add a bit of padding to her tummy and hips at some point - I can totally relate. I thought about removing the extra but decided to leave her be as she seems comfortable with her size. 
She's been making herself useful, displaying some of my lovely necklaces. Her tattoo is a bit distracting, but I like it.
I may put her to work displaying items for my Etsy shop. We'll see. The lack of a head could be a problem.

Just FYI, Stewartform applied for a patent for this style of dress form in 1963. I only found one other online so they may not have been overly popular (don't tell her!)

I'll show some of the lace from this sale and another in my next post.


  1. You always come across the best stuff! How fun!

  2. I dont think you can ever have too many mannequins!

  3. Great find and so happy she "waited" for you!

  4. Oh I love her and can't stop laughing about her extra padding!!

  5. Wow, you are so fortunate to find such beautiful treasures. Congratulations!

  6. I hope to attend an estate sale someday soon! Love your stuff!!

  7. you hit the jackpot her!


  8. LOL I have Miss Stewart Form's twin at my house LOL
    I found her at a thrift store and dragged her home to hang things on also
    I just couldn't pass up the price with what some mannequins are selling for in the hundreds of dollars
    I would have loved to see that room she was living in