Wednesday, February 4, 2015

You Know It's All About the Lace...

Vintage lace is one of my very favorite things so I'm always happy to find it at estate or garage sales, flea markets or antique stores - just anywhere! January sales yielded a fairly good selection of lace and other trims. Click on any photo to see a larger shot.

My favorite in the grouping above is the darker embroidered organza trim. I like the cafe' au lait coloring and delicate design.

The lace and trim above all came in a large bag - the only thing I purchased at that particular sale. I wasn't that excited about it at first but when I got home and dug through the bag there were some nice pieces. The embroidered rick rack is a favorite, and there were several little trinkets with it that have been added to my stash of "odd bits."

A local vendor had leftovers from a couple of estate sales and offered them at a small community fairgrounds a few weeks ago. I hadn't made it ten feet past the front door before the DH directed me to a table of lace and trim. He's a good scout! I got all the pretties above and more. 

I've never seen the Bonnie Brand bias tape before. It's soft and shiny polished cotton and looks to be a bit higher quality than what one normally sees.

These tiny heads came from the fairgrounds sale. The smallest is about an inch high. There's a chip on the shoulder of the girl but I love her face.

Last weekend was a bit of a bust sale-wise, but I did find this sweet little flower pot and a bit of bling. Aren't the rhinestone earrings and necklace wonderful?

I'm not seeing much of interest on the sale calendar for the upcoming weekend either, but keeping my fingers crossed!


  1. Wonderful finds...I bet you were doing a happy lace dance :)

  2. Love, love, love bling! Love, love, love vintage laces and trims! You found some wonderful treasures. Nothing like that here in Flagstaff,AZ. I haven't been to a good rummage sale or a good estate sale in a long time. And out here in the wild west, we don't find the same kind of goodies that you do. Good for you.

  3. I could look at that first photo of the lace all day! And I adore the little flower pot!

  4. Oh, yes! The tiny doll heads are adorable.
    I'm coveting the beige piece to the left of the Bonnie Brands in the 3rd photo. Will you be selling it?

  5. You know I adore all that lace!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. im all about the lace! i would call this a great weekend but indiana stinks for notions and trims. lucky lady. i need to go shopping in ur next of the woods.

  7. oh I want to go shopping with you such pretties and the lace is gorgeous