Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Friday Finds - Trim, Quilt Pieces and More

What's not to love about a big pile of plush vintage pom pom trim? I just wish I could have accurately captured the beautiful shades. The blue is a bit darker and richer, the green is a wonderful mossy shade, and the purple is deep and dark. The orchid is the closest to its actual color.

The green pom pom trim came from a sale this past Friday. The purples and blue are from a sale put on by the drama department of a local university last month. Thanks to Cindy at Paper Crown for giving me a heads up about this one. It was less than a block from where I work part time, but I hadn't seen any listings and would have missed it. 

This fun trim came from the same sale.

It coordinates perfectly with this trim that's in my Etsy shop now. Both would look great on any aquatic or mermaid themed project.

I also bought a few hats at the drama department sale - mainly for the flowers. I haven't been able to make myself disassemble this one yet. It's a bright (really bright!) spot of color in my craft room.

There were two batches of quilt pieces that I couldn't leave behind at last Friday's sale. The first set has a few pieces in various stages of completion, plus hundreds of little hexagons cut from old feed sacks and ready to sew.
I love how the original owner used a pickle jar label as her pattern.
The other quilt pieces are for a variation of the Sunbonnet Sue pattern. This one has an unusually-shaped bonnet with a flat crown. It also appears to be one of the simpler versions, with no apron. 
The hat, shoe and arm pieces are cut from solids, but I love all the feed sack fabrics she used for the dress pieces.

All of these items - except the hat - will be listed soon in my Etsy shop. 

I took one of Jackie's fun classes last week, and will be showing what we made in my next post. 


  1. What great finds!! I adore the old feed sack prints. Peace, love and loads of fringe, baby!

  2. How awesome to find the Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt pieces!