Thursday, July 23, 2015

Relics and Art Journal Classes

Earlier this month Jackie taught a class at Paper Crown using Sandra Evertson's Relics and Artifacts line. As is always the case with Jackie's classes, it was a lot of fun. We made some lovely pieces and learned techniques to use on other elements from the line. I think most every one of us had either already purchased some for future projects or did that night.

In class we embellished this reverse canvas to hold a beautiful velvet-covered sacred heart. 

We also made a smaller sacred heart to use as we wish - on a journal cover, in a frame, to hang on the wall, or however. Mine came home like this...

with a tiny rose at the top. I've been playing with it and trying out some of my vintage embellishments. I think it's going to end up as pictured below.

Jackie always features class pics on her blog, but as an added bonus, Sandra featured  Jackie's class on her blog here. You can also see Sandra's gallery on her site and get more inspiration for using the Relics and Artifacts line in your creations. I love her painted hearts here.

Last Saturday my friend Chris and I took a class called "Art Journaling with Birds" at Paper Arts in Edmond. Each participant received a hand made fabric journal cover with several pages inserted. More pages can be added.

During class we mainly prepared our backgrounds using water colors, and used the Tim Holtz Crazy Birds stamps and other bird stamps. None of my pages are completely finished, but if I wait to blog about them when they're finished it could be years! are a few of the pages that I actually got paint/stamps/cutouts onto.

This one will have painted birds added over the stamps, words, borders, etc.

The page above is almost done, but still needs a few little flourishes. My stamping skills are far from professional!

I've not really used water colors since I was a child. The set I took to class included lovely glittery colors, but they were very pale and probably not the best for this particular project. 

This last page is probably my favorite, although it's barely begun. You can sort of see the glow of the background paint. I love dots - even messy ones - especially in green and aqua.

This journal will be fun to play in on a winter day!


  1. I love both of your projects - you did a wonderful job! I've used the mini framed canvases reversed for small projects. I've often thought to try a larger canvas, but just haven't...thanks for your inspiration to follow through on it! Your watercolor journal is precious! My favorite is the page "every breathe is a second chance"! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Oh, I'm jelly over all the fun classes you take. So much fun!

  3. It all looks like so much fun but especially the Relics and Artifacts projects! Lovely!

  4. It all looks like so much fun but especially the Relics and Artifacts projects! Lovely!

  5. You have taken some fun classes and learned neat new techniques. Lovely!!