Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Saturday Finds and Upcoming Etsy Listings

Last Saturday I had a art journal class at 10am but there was an estate sale in another part of town that had a few interesting items. I decided to get up early so I could drop some orders at the post office, hit the sale, and still make it to class. I rarely go to sleep before 3 am, so getting up at 7:00 is quite a feat!

The purse and glasses were the main things I was after at the sale so I was pleased to get both. I love the purse - chartreuse is a favorite color - but the 1950s cat-eye glasses are amazing and certainly the most ornate I've ever come across.

The J. Hasday frames are gold and all the faux pearls and rhinestones are in place. These would be so cute as sunglasses. They're too small for me, so they'll be going to my Etsy shop.

The hosiery may seem like an odd purchase, but I've sold several pair on Etsy so I buy them when I find them in the original packaging.

Postal scales are also popular - more as a display item than a useful piece of equipment - so I was happy to find this larger-than-usual one from 1956. It's over six inches high. Others that I've sold were around 4-1/2 inches high.

I'll be listing a bit more lace this week, too, including this lot.

I have a couple of class projects to show in my next post. Hope you'll check back!

Oops - almost forgot! I also found some cute tiny trees and glass ornament picks. It's not too early for Christmas crafts!


  1. You know I adore that lace and those glasses are something special.

  2. Nice haul ! That chartreuse clutch is fabulous.

  3. Those glasses are a hoot! Too bad they are too small for you, they'd be great as sunglasses! Hose for 39 cents...wow!