Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Happiness

I really love Halloween decorations.  I've never been a big fan of trick or treat and we have no kids, but I decorate anyway.  Several friends and I had planned to have a Halloween craft day so I accumulated a ton of vintage and new papers and other items, only to have to cancel.  I've made quite a few things on my own, but we'll still have lots to work with next year.

When I retired in February my friend and co-worker Kathy made me this gorgeous bracelet.  Isn't it amazing?
I told her I'd make her something, too, and she suggested something for Halloween.  Well, the time has arrived.  Last week we met for lunch and I gave her these:

The starfish is a painted and glittered earring

She's from Florida and loves flamingos. There's a little tag on one of the wreath ribbons showing Alice holding a flamingo - perfect! Hope she's enjoying them! 

I got the wreath idea from the Tattered Angels web site here

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  1. The flamingos are CLASSIC! I have never seen them done like this for Halloween! I love it!!!!! My mother used to stake these pink flamingos in the yard to get the neighbors in dither..I am going to do a set like this for her next Halloween. I will be giving you full credit on that one!! Love it! PS: Wish you lived closer, you could have hung out with me on Halloween!