Friday, October 22, 2010

Vacation 2010 - Deep In The Heart of Texas (Days 4 and 5)

On Monday of our vacation, we drove to Lockhart for barbeque.  There are several well-known barbeque "joints" there, and we tried Black's, which is the oldest.  It was excellent. The only downfall to Lockhart was that the only antique store we saw was closed.  I did find a couple of nice pumpkins at a farm stand, though.  The ones at home all seem to be about the same size and shape this year, so I've been on the lookout for taller ones. We've actually carted home pumpkins from more distant locales, but I don't recommend it.  They take up quite a bit of space.

From Lochart we took the backroads to Boerne.  We were on the lookout for a particular place called The Junk Shop that I'd read about in a magazine a few years ago, but couldn't find it anywhere and no one we asked knew of it. We visited several antique stores and TK's Cottage, where I wanted to buy one (or more) of everything, but I settled for a snowman to add to my collection.

Then it was on to Fredericksburg for a quick stop at Homestead.  I had read about this store years ago and had always wanted to visit.  We had about an hour to browse through all the amazing antiques and charming vignettes, and had a chance to meet Rose Hicks, the charming proprietress, who was even more charming in person than she appeared to be in the magazine articles.

The Texas Hill Country is really beautiful.  I didn't get any pics, but there were so many varied shades of green, white stone, and a beautiful blue sky.  We entertained thoughts of moving there some day.  Only time will tell.

Tuesday was spent at antique and junk shops around Austin, going to a movie, and getting ready for the trip home.  On Wednesday we made the trip home with a quick stop in Justin, TX for lunch and a last little bit of junquing.  Here's what I found on the trip. 

Can't wait until the next trip!

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  1. I want those Bingo cards!!! I have a weird obsession with them!!! And, I am not sure but I think that is a hat??? The cream circle??? Love hats too....clearly I love many things! lol...can't wait to see you at SB