Thursday, January 13, 2011

Behold, The Humble Oil Can

Last Saturday the DH and I planned a drive to Stillwater via Perkins. Before we even made it out of town he spotted a yard sale.  They didn't have much for me so I wandered into a little boutique next door and found a cute bracelet.  I went back to look for him and spotted some old oil cans.  DH had already been looking at them.  I bought one but he wasn't ready to jump on the others.  We left but only made it a few miles down the road before he turned around.  The price was right, and he's happy to have them for display in his garage. 
I've been on the search for old oil cans (the small ones) since I saw some transformed into beautiful photo holders by Jennifer Valentine in the Summer 2010 issue of Somerset Life (scroll down at the link to see a pic.) I found seven at a junk store in Perkins, along with five folding wooden yardsticks, some old craft magazines, two funnels, a cool old jar and a few other things.  The DH got a couple of tool-type items.  We then headed on to Stillwater.  Love the antique mall there.  I found old linens and hankies, a 1927 yearbook from Duncan, OK, another oil can, a vintage "Touring" card game and a lot more.  It was a really good junking day. 
I was also on the lookout for fabric for Jemellia's Bag Challenge so checked out a fabric store on Main Street in Stillwater.  Didn't find any fabric, but I went into a floral and gift store and found some wonderful holiday leftovers for 75% off and a Patience Brewster Basset Hound figurine that I had to have because it made me laugh out loud. I'm trying to stop collecting Basset Hound things and have even put away a few to make room for craft stuff, but I had to have this one.  Insane, I know, but if I ever get up the nerve to show ALL my Basset crap, you'll really worry about me.


  1. Lovely treasures. Just wanted to mention Terri that you were my inspiration this week on my blog. Might want to check out my postings. Thanks so much.

  2. Oh I can't pass up Patience, either, I love her stuff! Your basset hound is adorable! I used to collect penguins, so I understand about being embarrassed by our quirky collections...

    You found some awesome junk in OK!