Friday, January 14, 2011


The DH was on furlough today so we hit a couple of estate sales.  The first house appeared to be the home of someone who got rid of all their vintage goodies and replaced them with newer, cheaper junk (and not junk in a good way).  I did find a 1953 medical book with some funny photos and illustrations and a baggie full of stick-on and iron-on lettering, and the DH got a small basket full of nuts, bolts and washers, and a couple of brackets. 

At the second sale I hit paydirt!  I got all of the glorius vintage Christmas bounty you see below, plus a few cabinet cards, a couple of postcards and a few doilies.  For $6.  Yes, $6.  The ornaments were in a larger box marked "$1 per ornament" so I was expecting to have to pay a lot.  I even left a dozen or so in the box because I thought my total was going to be much higher.  Unfortunately, by the time I knew how much they actually cost someone had come along behind me and grabbed the other box. For some strange reason only the barns were open today and all the Christmas stuff was just laying out on the grass.  The house will be open tomorrow and Sunday so we may be going back.  Can you just imagine what all must be in there???


  1. I love to go junking with my husband!! Wow you guys hit it good.

  2. Wow! You did score - how awesome!
    I'm going to try to make it to Jackie's fan class but my husband is going out of town on business that day so I'll have to see as it gets a little closer. We'll get to take a class together though - I'm sure of it!
    Can't wait to hear if you went back to that sale and got any more goodies.

  3. Spotting vintage ornaments and trim always make me go ga-ga. And if I can find them on the cheap, I get ten times more excited! I can only imagine how excited you felt during this little shopping spree.

  4. Wow, you did score! I finally went through my Silver Bella swaps and I love your drawstring bag and all the goodies! Thanks so much. You sure made it special.
    Maybe we`ll meet next year.
    Kim :0)

  5. Oh lord, that is a score. I am trying not to be jealous!

    Doncha just love a treasure???

  6. hi terri,
    blog hoped over and saw that you are a bella i never got to meet. :( but we were in the trim swap together! ur newest follower!

  7. What finds! I've accidentally deleted the comments on my OWOH post. It will be up again tomorrow so please stop by and re-post. Thanks.