Saturday, January 1, 2011

Junque Seeking in Omaha during Silver Bella

I didn't expect to like Omaha as much as I did.  Admittedly, I only saw a very small portion - the Old Market district where our hotel was located - but what I saw was interesting and made me want to go back with the DH someday to spend a little more time.  There were several places we didn't make it to, including Anthropologie and a vintage wallpaper store.  He won't be thrilled about those but I think there's enough there to keep both of us happy for a long weekend at the very least. 

Second Chance Antiques is located in the Old Market district and we were told from the start that it is a must.  It's a huge store with a nice variety of merchandise and helpful employees.  We visited on the afternoon we arrived and again that evening during special Bella shopping hours.  Here are just a few of my purchases made at Second Chance and also during the Bella Market on Friday night.
And a couple of shots taken during our shopping and dining excursions.
And here's a group of us in our hats Friday night just before the Bella Market.

This will probably be my last Silver Bella post until I finish my final project or make significant progress on my SB journal.  It's tempting to try to drag it out forever.  It was all so much fun that I hate to see it end!

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  1. Me too -- I love seeing memories of our most fabulous weekend!