Sunday, January 2, 2011

Scrabble Heaven

I missed posting about a fabulous garage sale/junqueing day in late November!  We had a beautiful Friday between Silver Bella and Thanksgiving and the DH was on furlough, so we headed out and about.  We found our first sale almost literally in our own backyard.  The neighbors behind us were having a yard sale, and I found an old Scrabble game complete with all the letters - something I had been searching for - as well as a Phlounder game, some jewelry, old dominos and some great old books.  We hit a couple of thrift stores, another yard sale and a couple of junk stores where I found TWO MORE Scrabble games, each with all the letters.  One is newer but the other is a really early version with more rounded edges on the tiles and a better color.  Couldn't believe my luck!  I also bought what I was told are very early wooden Monopoly houses and hotels - not a complete set, but fun - and a small oil can that I'll use to make a photo holder.  Here are a few of my finds.

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  1. And what are you doing with all your Scrabble pieces? And an oil can photo holder? I can't wait to see it!