Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Basket Swap

I was so excited to have the talented Marti McClure as my partner for Kari Ramstrom's May Basket Swap.  Check out Marti's blog here to see some of the other amazing things she's created.

She sent me a darling basket packed with wonderful things, including beautiful earrings, the sweetest little shadowbox and notebook, a paper cone, and little pinwheel and a tiny little shoe, all handmade by Marti.  She also included a doily, a tea towel, treats and many other things.  Thank you so much, Marti!

I sent Marti a little basket decorated with handmade flowers.  Packet inside were a button bracelet, vintage trim, and other little treasures.  She likes vintage paper, so I made her a fabric folder and filled it with old annual pages, 1930s magazine pages, vintage wallpaper and old flower prints.

Thanks, Kari, for coordinating the swap!

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