Saturday, October 8, 2011

Hope You'll Visit Me on Etsy!

Finally, my Etsy shop is on line!  I only have a few things listed right now and am still figuring everything out, but I have lots to add.  Right now I'm working on swaps that are due in the next couple of weeks and I can't disappoint my swap partners by being late, but I'll try to list some new items here and there.  You can click here to see the shop, or use the link on the sidebar.  If you like the shop please spread the word, and as always, thanks so much for visiting my blog!   

We hit a few garage sales today before the OU/Texas game.  I found a tiny pair of shoes for $2 with oodles of rhinestones.  Here's one shoe shown with the rhinestones I had already removed from the other. 

We didn't have much time, but I managed to find a few pieces of jewelry, some fabric that I've already used as a background for Etsy photos, and a plant stand that will make the perfect table for our patio - just big enough for a glass of tea and a magazine or book.

Garage sale finds, OU won, and best of all - it rained this afternoon!!!  It's been a great day so far!

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  1. Congratulations on opening your shop! I can't wait to visit it!