Monday, October 3, 2011

My Favorite Vintage Treasures

Happy 80th Birthday to one of my favorite vintage treasures, my dad!  My mom gets her turn next April. They look great, don't they?  The one thing Daddy asked for?  A globe.  He likes to keep up with politics and world affairs.
We celebrated his birthday on Saturday with quite a few family members and friends, but his birthday was actually Sunday, October 2.  My sister-in-law Debbie was also born on October 2, and it was my brother Ray's and sister-in-law Jackie's 40th wedding anniversary.  Big day in our family! 


  1. Yes, that is a big day! Happy birthday to your dad; you're lucky to have him (and your mom, too!)

  2. What wonderful things to celebrate...togetherness on BIG occasions, sounds delightful.

  3. Wow.....OCt. 2 is such a special day for your family! What special blessings!