Friday, October 28, 2011

Spooky Little Book Swap

Michelle Geller's Little Book swap earlier this year (see here and here) was so much fun I decided to join The Gypsy Magpie's Spooky Little Book Swap for Halloween.  Each and every participant made a book that is so creative and unique, and I'm fascinated by their size and detail.  I've been through them several times already and will be sad to put them away with  my Halloween decor, but it will be a treat to pull out again next year. Here they are in all their glory:
For my cover, I used a page from a 1928 children's songbook and embellished it with a bit of webbing and a pumpkin, a spider, and a flying witch.
I composed a silly little poem to include on my pages. 

Scary night,
full of fright.
Up above,
bats in flight.
Ghostly visions,
This is Halloween.

Page two features a pumpkin-head ballerina, while page three is a collage of orange and black elements.
Page four is another collage with a little bling attached, and page five has flying bats and a bit of ornate fence. 
Page six is ghostly, and page seven is another collage of Halloween elements.
The back cover has a skeleton and a hand, plus a little tag with my info. I made Trick or Treat bags with a few goodies for everyone in the swap.
Love these little books!  Hopefully someone will do another swap for Christmas.  I'm ready to make - and to receive - more little books!

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  1. I love your book! Great job! Those little books are fun!