Sunday, March 3, 2013

Estate Sale and Thrift Store Finds

There were at least a couple of estate sales every weekend in February, and four this past weekend.  I've not found a lot, but thought I'd best share a few things since that's what this blog is all about!

Last weekend we went to one of the oddest sales we've ever attended.  There was no sign in the yard or on the house, but people were going in and so did I.  The sale was apparently conducted by the family, as they were in the kitchen making signs to put outside.  At 1 PM.  The sale started at 9 AM. There was a strange mix of items and hardly anything was priced. Lots of smalls had been thrown together in big boxes with no rhyme or reason, and though I bravely dug through the mess in search of treasure, there was none to be found.  As I was about to leave empty handed, I spotted a plastic bag of buttons.  Many looked newer but if the price was right, I was willing to take a chance. $3. Sold!  In addition to about twenty cards of pretty high-quality 1960s-1980s buttons on cards, there were all of these lovelies. Click on any of the photos for a better view.
These are my favorites in the photo below - MOP, rhinestones, bakelite, glass and more.
I'm not sure, but I believe these two are celluloid.  They're hollow and very lightweight.
I have no idea what this is, but it's sparkly so I like it. If you know what it is, please leave a comment and let us know.
At the second sale that day I found a vintage 1940s bridal headpiece, labeled "Miss Lillian for Vogue Bridals." I've listed it in my Etsy shop, along with a few other nice things from the same sale.
I went to two sales and a local antique/vintage mall Friday and bought nothing. The DH was with me on Saturday and must have been my good luck charm because I found a wonderful necklace and earrings, two rhinestone buckles, a couple of flower frogs, and an old sprinkler attachment. The DH found seven Craftsman screwdrivers for $1 each.  Sorry, no photos of those.  I know you're disappointed!

After recently trashing our two local thrift stores because they never seem to have anything but "new junk," I found the doily above and these two pieces.  The little McCoy pot and the Oven Serve dish are both cracked so they'll be staying with me, but at around a dollar each, cracks don't bother me. They'll still hold buttons or pencils and look lovely doing it.
I haven't been posting much lately but will try to do better.  I found several interesting things at a sale north of here a few weeks ago, but as some of them are going to be gifts I need to wait to post about those.  My friend Terry and I just had another one-on-one swap and she sent me amazing things.  I'll be sharing those soon, along with what I sent her.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Oh my gosh, that is an amazing button score for only $3 and I am happy to see those button overlords are smiling on you!!
    I have no clue about that two-piece thingy and hope someone will recognize it and educate us.

  2. I like the color of your McCoy pot. Great deal on the buttons! Lots of interesting ones in the bag. Can't wait to see what the thingy is, I sure don't have any idea!

  3. Lovely buttons! Does that odd looking one come apart? I was wondering if it might be one of those two-sided hat pins. Those celluloid fruit buttons are so fun! I love that yellow McCoy pot! I never get tired of McCoy! What a bargain! You found some fun things! I was excited to see your post this morning...they seem to be fewer and more far between on EVERYONE'S blogs these days! I'm getting another post ready about estate sale and antique show slim pickings, too.

    1. Laurie, you may have something with the hatpin idea. One end actually screws off, and there's a point on the metal piece. It could have been unscrewed, pushed through a hat, and then the end screwed back in place.

  4. Hello Terri,

    Catching up on reading my favorite blogs today. Read this post... I agree with Laurie, your two-ended piece should screw apart on one end. It is a vintage hat pin made of Celluloid with rhinestone accents, circa 1930-early 40s.

    Those two hollow and lightweight fruit buttons are made of Celluloid and are called 'Webers' after Marion Weber their designer from the 1930-40s. I love Celluloid items!

    You definitely found some great treasures. I am not able to attend Bird Song 3. I'll miss seeing you - hopefully next year, if not sooner.

    Hugs, Tami