Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring Has Sprung Swap - Part Deux

I've been in tax time hell but finally got everything delivered to the CPA, so now I can do - and post about - artsy craftsy things.  You're going to love these little baskets from my Spring Has Sprung Swap partners. 

First up is my basket from Lisa.  We were able to swap in person, so that was fun.  We're both going to Karla Nathan's Birdsong III event in June, so there will be several more swaps in our immediate future.

Lisa packaged the little basket so nicely, but I opened it at class before I could take a photo so I've re-staged it here.  She distressed and gathered cream crepe paper, wrapped it with rick rack, and added a pink velvet bow and pearls.  Inside was a matching match box, two bouquets of the tiny little vintage posies I love so much, the cutest little bird on a spool - adorable - and a sweet fuzzy bunny face with a rhinestone crown pinned to one ear.
Of course, the matchbox was filled with more lovely things. I'm planning to make a charm bracelet using the ruler and tiny bottle charms she sent, plus a few others I've been collecting. 

My other basket is from Tabitha, who organized the swap.  She sent this lovely aqua creation.
Don't you love that tiny "nest" banner and that little glittered bird?  She included all of these little things to "feather the nest."
Thank you so much, ladies!  This was such an enjoyable swap, and just what I needed to tide me over until it actually feels like spring.

Note:  Click on any photo to see a larger version. You can see what I sent Lisa and Tabitha in my previous post here.


  1. this was such a fun swap!
    jealous you ladies r joining to birdsong! did i ever tell you i used to live like thirty minutes from Karla. but alas Karla has puppies and kitties and I am very allergic....:( I know you will create something wonderful things and have wonderful swaps!

  2. Lovely, lovely creations. I especially like that little blue rose on the edge of the basket. Pictures like these just make we want to jump up and make something!

  3. Wow the details on both your tiny baskets are amazing!