Monday, March 11, 2013

Oh, the Beauty!

Terry and I recently exchanged swap gifts, for our originally fall, then holiday, then early March swap! I so love that we're both so bad about putting this off, but still want to keep it up. She's always busy, and I'm usually lacking inspiration or just creative zeal, so it all works out.

She truly spoiled me this round. She always does, but oh my - my eyes watered when I opened this package.  I won't have adequate adjectives, I know.  First was the pretty box, topped by lace and a beautiful angel she purchased at a Vintage Marketplace show in California.  Isn't this a lovely presentation?
Inside was a vintage photo of an adorable Basset Hound pup - the perfect thing - and lots of pretty packages, including one tied in the Tiffany one-pull fashion with double-face satin ribbon.

There was a fabulous scented candle, and this pretty dish and a gorgeous bracelet that she made in one of  the many fun classes she takes.

This is the most amazing banner, also from a class. The embellishments are wonderful. Look at that rhinestone and velvet trim!  There really are an amazing number and variety of classes in California and all along the West Coast, and I know from taking classes with Terry at French General last year that she has an eye for selecting the perfect embellishments from the options provided in a class.

As if all this weren't enough, she sent the most darling, fabulous and lovely doll!  Oh me. This one was from a class with Joanna Perotti. It is just the most perfect little thing.

She tucked in some sweet treats inside a bag she decorated for Valentine's Day.  Love it!
I am in awe of her sweet generosity and all her talents, and feel blessed to know her.  Just wish we lived closer! Thank you, thank you, my sweet friend!

As you can imagine, I could go on endlessly about all these lovely things I was so fortunate to receive, but I'll show you what I sent her.  It was a rather meager package this time, but overall our exchanges do even out (I hope!)

These little pixie boxes are such fun to make, so I made this one in her favorite colors - black and cream.  I tried several trims around the hat, but this bit of vintage mink worked perfectly.

Inside I packed a few vintage bits and embellishments - some lace, ribbon, a tiny pillbox, a few of those crazy rosettes that I am so obsessed with right now.

The little Valentine's banner I made in a recent class was included, too. I made another similar one for myself. 
Hope you enjoyed seeing the many pretty things, and that they provided some inspiration.  Just click on any photo to see a larger version.

Enjoy your week!


  1. Oh my goodness, you two are both so talented - I love it all!!

  2. How much fun from two very talented gals! Thanks for sharing your crafts!

  3. These are all so lovely -- what a fun package you two exchanged!

  4. I am the one that comes out way ahead when we exchange my friend!!! I love EVERYTHING you send me. I so enjoy our exchanges! xoxo