Friday, March 15, 2013

Spring Has Sprung Swap - Part I

The very imaginative Tabitha at Creative Wings Boutique recently hosted yet another fun swap. This was the "Spring Has Sprung Basket Swap" and each participant made and received two small decorated baskets filled with little gifts. I'll be showing the baskets I received soon, but since both of my swap partners have their baskets, today I'll show you what I created.  I used my newfound talent (learned in a recent class - see end of post) to make crepe paper festooning for both baskets, then filled them with fuzzy chicks, bits of lace, and other little surprises.  Oh my gosh, I had SO much fun making these! 
One partner was Lisa. We had a class together this week so we swapped baskets there (more on the class later.)  I used a mix of springy colors for her basket.

Lisa is a fellow dog lover, so I thought the child's hankie with the cute yellow and blue dogs was a perfect addition.

My other partner for this swap was Tabitha, who loves pink and aqua.  It looks a bit pink and baby blue here, but actually looked more aqua "in person."

In both baskets I included a little packet with pretty playing cards, letter cards, and some vintage Easter scrap.
Hope they liked their little bits of spring fun! Check back soon to see the lovelies Lisa and Tabitha made for me.

Note: For festooning, sew eight layers of crepe paper streamers together down the center. I used about five feet and it was relatively easy to work with. After sewing, clip along both edges every 1/8" to 1/4" inch, being careful to not cut the center thread.  Martha Stewart five-blade scissors are great for this project and make it much easier.  After making the cuts, fold along the center thread line and glue the festooning along the fold to your project, then fluff.  It's really fun and easy!  I learned this technique from Bobbie in her Valentine banner class.


  1. These are so sweet and I love what you did with the crepe paper. I rolled back through some older posts to see if you talked about how you make it but didn't find it. If you posted about it could you send me a link? Love it!

  2. I love looking at all the great things you girls put your special swaps! They are so much fun, giving and receiving!

  3. Oh I LOVE my basket...thanks so much should be getting your package Monday!
    I love my goodies as always make swapping fun...

  4. Very sweet! I love working with crepe paper, too! I'm sure those two lucky gals loved their little baskets and gifts!

  5. Hi Terri--Oh, your partners must have loved their little baskets, how adorable they are! I love working with crepe paper and festooning also...I will have to try making my own some day, seems like it would be fun to customize colors :)

  6. I love your little baskets! They are darling. The crepe paper trim is awesome....those colors are great. And all those special touches are just wonderful....lucky girls. (Thank you so much for your kind comment about our G-baby) Best Wishes, Bobbie