Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day!

Wishing you a Happy Valentine's Day, and sharing a few more heart-themed creations. This little piece was made from the lid of a candy box and embellished with copies of a vintage Valentine, crepe paper festooning, and Stickles. The background is the same Authentique paper that I used for the tags from my last post. 

A couple of years ago I stamped and sewed hearts on a few tags, inspired by Jackie of Good Grief Girdie fame. I can't find a pic of Jackie's on her blog but they were all wonderful, just like everything she makes. I had used plain manila tags for mine and didn't like the way they looked. Last week I decided to cut this stamped heart and surrounding seam binding ruffle from the original tag and use it to create this more colorful tag.

Much better! I have two more and I'll give them the same treatment as soon as I find the right embellishments.

Enjoy your day of love, everyone!


  1. Love all your wonderful creations!

  2. This is so sweet, but then, everything you create is lovely Terri! I hope you enJOYed a Happy Valentine's Day, Kim

  3. I adore those crepe paper ruffles on the bottom of the tag! I hope you had a delightful Valentine's Day.

  4. I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day. Mine was relaxing. Like Christmas, I'm going to be sad to put away all the Valentine pretties! Love that candy box lid and the background paper -- I will be keeping an eye out for that! It's the perfect proportion.

  5. I love your festooning and colors... very sweet Valentines!