Thursday, December 22, 2011

Buttons, Doilies and Tags

I was totally surprised one day last week to find a package from Laurie on my porch.  She sent me the most wonderful little case filled with buttons.  She painted and decorated the top beautifully and added "junque seeker."  Then she filled it with a vintage doily and so many lovely buttons.  There's a large bag and several smaller bags, and she let me know that these are for crafting. I can tell you that quite a few will be kept in my stash of "the best stuff."  She is so sweet and generous, and talented, too!

I hemmed a few pairs of pants for our niece, and when she picked them up she brought me a bag of treasure - a large plastic bag stuffed with doilies!  There were fifty in all - whites, creams, multicolors, simple, fancy, you name it.  She got them at the thrift store for less than $2.  All that work by so many people for just $2, but I'm thrilled to have them!
I've done a little bit of miscellaneous crafting this week.  I bought an ugly sign at the discount store for $1.50 and recovered it in cute Santa paper. I'm still adding embellishments so it's not complete but I think I'm going to like it. It has a curly wire for hanging that will be reattached when it's complete.
Friends came over on the 10th to make cards and tags. I had a bad case of allergies so didn't accomplish much while they were here, but they did inspire me and I've worked on a few tags since then.  These two were made from old Christmas cards.
I've also been working on tags for my great nieces. I'll get to see them next week and wanted to make a little something for them to hang on their doors or in their rooms.  Here are two in progress, and I have several more to go.  Lots of girls in this family!
That's it for now.  Hopefully I'll make more progress tomorrow.

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  1. Oh, I could make tags all day, couldn't you? So fun to complete a small work. And you're so good at it! What a huge bag of doilies for $2!! I am impressed at your niece's thrifting skills! You will have fun with those for sure!