Sunday, December 7, 2014

Button Floozies' White Christmas Button Book Swap - What I Made

I'm SO behind on blog posts! Our lemon of a PC went out (total monitor freak out) the day before Thanksgiving. HP sent a box and we shipped it to them on the 28th and just got it back yesterday. This time we didn't lose any files, thank goodness, but I'm behind on blogging, record keeping, and other important things like looking at Pinterest, Instagram and Bloglovin'!

Laurie organized a White Christmas Button Book Swap on the Button Floozies blog, so of course I had to join in. Today I'll show you the book I made. We had the option to make either a fabric or paper book, and since I do my best work in fabric that's what I chose.

I used a photo from Pinterest for the cover, and tried my best to find the original source but couldn't. It's a lovely photo, and I used buttons to line the snowy path between the trees. I added a few glittery rhinestones and a bit of sequined trim.

This quote seemed like a good fit for the inside cover. An old snowflake pin worked well.

This page has snowflake sequins and glitter under a layer of organza with a bit of lace and a rhinestone button.

I cut flowers from a few pieces of fabric and lace for this page.

This one is fairly simple. I used some antique embroidered eyelet edging that I found this past summer with MOP buttons.

Another simple page with some batting and a strip of crocheted lace.

This page featured a pocket made from a bit of vintage tablecloth. I inserted a little bag of additional buttons for my partner.

Another simple page with two laces over dotted Swiss fabric, and carved MOP buttons.

This tree was made from small bits of lace and accented with small buttons. A pretty iridescent rhinestone button acts as a tree topper.

Another lace pocket with a card of vintage buttons.

I added this page to commemorate the swap group and date, and added a bit of ruffled tulle along the edge.

And a bit more lace for the back cover.

It was difficult to pack this one up to send away. I really loved how it turned out, and it was fun to make. Hope my partner is enjoying it! In my next post I'll share the very creative book she sent to me.


  1. Oh so beautiful - I adore all the bits of lace you used!

  2. Terri, you work is always breathtaking...this is gorgeous!

  3. Beautifully dine, Terri. As a button (and lace) "floozie" myself, I love your use of buttons!

  4. Oops! that should be "beautifully done" !!

  5. OMG, that is white on white to perfection (faints)!